EZ Digital Copywriting Services

Good copywriting can be the difference between a consumer ignoring your call-to-action or the missing link meaning that Google ignores your website. At EZ Digital, we take copywriting seriously and offer a range of professional copywriting services to ensure that your business can no longer be ignored.

Why should your business worry about professional copywriting?

Why? Because it is one of the key factors in convincing people to agree with you and take action. In fact, some studies have revealed that simply adding the word ‘because’ to your copy increases the likelihood of readers agreeing with you by 60%. EZ Digital and our Adelaide Copywriter Team can help your business build the best possible content for your website, social media, emails…anything!


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – It’s one thing to create content that’s interesting to the reader but if Google isn’t finding it, then its value is diminished immediately. At EZ Digital, our Adelaide copywriting team delivers the art of captivating content on a foundation of SEO principles. That means better value with more potential customers finding your content.

Content, content, content – Creating content is one of the biggest headaches for any business with a digital footprint. Most business owners simply don’t have time to sit down and write a blog or website copy. EZ Digital’s Adelaide copywriter team can work with you and solve this headache.

Tell a story – Have you ever tried to write about your business? Do you find it hard? You might have tried writing about your product and put yourself to sleep reading it back. It’s okay, most business owners have written their share of boring copy in their lives, what’s usually missing is a sense of storytelling. It’s that element that takes readers along for your ride, no boring copy.

Brand fit – Not all businesses are the same. A consumer’s expectations and mood are going to be different from when they’re looking for plumber to fix their shower to when they’re researching a new European luxury car. EZ Digital understands this and our team of Adelaide copywriters will work with you to develop the right brand voice, tone and content for your business.

It’s well researched – The best copy isn’t simply punched out in twenty minutes reciting facts overheard on the tram. It’s considered and well-researched, meaning that readers are more likely to keep reading and not bouncing off your site.

People stick around – One of the best measures of the quality of your site’s content is how long people stay on your site’s page. Are potential customers landing and exiting within a few seconds? Content that is engaging, intriguing, controversial or just plain interesting are will make people stick around longer.

Get your website content right with Adelaide Copywriting experts EZ Digital.


Today, a website is one of the first things a new business owner thinks about. Nail your website’s copy, first time with EZ Digital.


A business blog is an effective way to communicate your brand’s unique proposition to its customers while establishing itself as a trusted voice in your market.


EZ Digital’s team of copywriters will work with our email marketing experts to develop the most effective email marketing strategy and content.

What does EZ Digital do differently?

EZ Digital don’t believe in pre-packaged solutions, we take the time to understand your business, your products and your customers. Because each business is different, we put together a customised social media marketing solution to help your business grow and designed to drive results. With your marketing strategy in mind, our Adelaide social media experts will define and optimise your campaigns with clever targeting, messaging and delivery. Our managed service takes care of the rest, ensuring that every social media advertising dollar is working to make your business grow.