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You have worked hard to build a healthy mailing list over the years, so why not reach out to them via email marketing? With EZ Digital’s email marketing experts, your business can discover the full potential of email marketing.

Why should your business be using email marketing?

Let’s be clear, email marketing or eDM is not about constantly bombarding your subscribers with offers, deals and crazy bargains. People don’t subscribe to mailing lists to have their inboxes filled with spam. People do, however, subscribe to mailing lists to receive relevant, interesting content about brands and products they like.


It’s cost-effective – Really cost effective when you compare it to other marketing mediums. Because subscribers have opted in to receiving your newsletters, you don’t have to buy any advertising space from websites or publishers. That’s one big cost avoided.

The best ROI – Because emails cost next to nothing to send, email marketing can offer the best return on investment across all of your advertising media. In fact, some studies have shown email marketing to deliver an ROI of about $40 for every dollar spent.

Value across media – That mailing list that you’ve been working to grow brings a lot to the table when you start your first email marketing campaign, but it also brings value elsewhere. Your mailing list can be used to target users with advertising in other digital spaces, giving you a true cross-media marketing strategy.

Marketing aims to be personal   At its best, email marketing feels as though it has been written especially for you.

Keep the conversation going – With email marketing, the conversation between your brand and your customers never truly stops. Whether you’re re-engaging cold leads, prompting customers to leave a review or reminding people about the big, annual EOFY sale, email marketing is one of the best ways to remain front-of-mind.

It’s measurable – From open rates and click volume to intelligent A/B testing, email marketing is highly-measurable. Of course, EZ Digital’s Adelaide email marketing team are there to help you make sense of all of the numbers

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EZ Digital’s team of copywriters will work with our email marketing experts to develop the most effective email marketing strategy and content.

What does EZ Digital do differently?

EZ Digital don’t believe in pre-packaged solutions, we take the time to understand your business, your products and your customers. Because each business is different, we put together a customised social media marketing solution to help your business grow and designed to drive results. With your marketing strategy in mind, our Adelaide social media experts will define and optimise your campaigns with clever targeting, messaging and delivery. Our managed service takes care of the rest, ensuring that every social media advertising dollar is working to make your business grow.