Video Advertising

Did you know that 85% of all web traffic will be videos by 2022? It’s an incredible statistic, especially if you consider that 15% of internet traffic seems to be devoted to cute photos of people’s cats. Either way, video marketing is one powerful tool to deliver a message.

Why should your business use video marketing?

Whether it’s a customer testimonial, a new product unboxing or a walkthrough of your new premises, video marketing is the most versatile way to tell your brand’s story. As people begin to love online video more and more, the smartest businesses are using video as part of their digital marketing strategies.


Better engagement – Various studies have revealed that videos garner far better engagement rates than other media. When it comes to making a connection, people just find videos far more appealing.

More of a story – One of the biggest reasons to use video marketing is that it gives you a far greater chance to tell a story. Videos give your business the opportunity to convey more complex, meaningful messaging.

A new world – From YouTube to Instagram Stories to catch up TV, EZ Digital’s Adelaide video marketing experts can open help your business appear in a whole new world of advertising environments only open to videos.

Align with consumer behaviours – Consumers use videos to research and learn about products and services. So it makes sense for your business to be visible to consumers in this part of their decision journey.

People are watching more video content – Consumers are spending more time watching videos, in fact, 60% of Australians watch online videos every day. Video marketing agency EZ Digital can help your business’s videos be seen in pre-roll, mid-roll, social media, YouTube and loads of other formats.

It’s targeted – Unlike old broadcast advertising, online video marketing is highly-targeted. EZ Digital’s video marketing specialists will work with you to target your video to your ideal consumer.


We offer the entire range of YouTube ad units for your brand’s video. From Discovery to TrueView, speak with EZ Digital’s video marketing specialists now to put YouTube to work for you!

Social Media

When it comes to social media, video drives engagement. So it makes sense that your business’s videos are present across social media. Our social media team will work with you to make sure your videos are social-ready and working to help your brand.


Is your business missing out on the new generation of binge-worthy catch up TV services? Chat with EZ Digital’s video marketing experts to cash in on catch up!

What does EZ Digital do differently?

EZ Digital don’t believe in pre-packaged solutions, we take the time to understand your business, your products and your customers. Because each business is different, we put together a customised social media marketing solution to help your business grow and designed to drive results. With your marketing strategy in mind, our Adelaide social media experts will define and optimise your campaigns with clever targeting, messaging and delivery. Our managed service takes care of the rest, ensuring that every social media advertising dollar is working to make your business grow.