Social media marketing is the humanising part of your brand. It makes you real for your customers.

Why should your business worry about social media marketing?

Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all spending a lot of time on social media. In fact, the average Australian now spends 1 hour and 39 minutes on social media each day. That’s a lot of time spent scrolling, commenting, sharing and selfie…ing! Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn, Australians love to be social.


Reach more people – Around 36% of Australian internet users now use some form of ad-blocking when they’re online. This means that without social media marketing, your brand is going to have a hard time reaching about a third of your online customers. Thankfully, with EZ Digital’s Adelaide Social Media Marketing experts, your brand can beat the ad blockers through people’s feeds and stories.

It’s cost-effective – Social media advertising remains one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your audience, with advertising rates often lower than those of its digital counterparts. On top of that, when it comes to paid social there is often no minimum spend, which means almost no barriers to entry.

Better targeting – Unless you have the world’s best product (which is Pizza Shapes, by the way) it’s unlikely that you’ll want to be serving your Facebook ad to every single person. With EZ Digital’s social media marketing team, we can work with your brand to accurately target your ideal customer. This means that your budget is only being spent on showing your ads to people likely to be interested.

Keep the conversation going – With social media marketing, the connection between brand and customer doesn’t need to end after they make a purchase. With the help of engaging content and clever re-targeting, you can engage with past customers to turn them into repeat customers and lifelong fans.

Become human – There are few advertising platforms apart from social media that allow for real conversations between advertisers and humans. Social media gives your brand the opportunity to engage with its potential customers and make the brand that little bit more human.

EZ Digital’s Adelaide social media marketing experts can help your business make the most out of its social media advertising. Contact the team today.


Facebook is Australia’s 4th most popular website, with 17 million active monthly users. Quite simply, if your brand isn’t using Facebook ads to grow its business, it’s missing out. EZ Digital’s social media marketing experts understand how you can use Facebook to speak to better speak to your customers


With about 36% of Australia’s population active on Instagram, it’s little wonder that brands are using the platform more and more. Instagram is the perfect environment to reach potential customers, with users more likely to follow a brand on Instagram than any other social media platform.


Whether your brand is looking for a new hire in its IT department or seeking to raise awareness about its new environmental projects, you might want to consider LinkedIn marketing. Adelaide social media agency EZ Digital can help your brand deliver its message on LinkedIn to the right people.

Social Media Management

From content creation to the everyday moderation of your brand’s social media accounts, EZ Digital’s social media experts can manage your brand’s online presence across all social channels.

What does EZ Digital do differently?

EZ Digital don’t believe in pre-packaged solutions, we take the time to understand your business, your products and your customers. Because each business is different, we put together a customised social media marketing solution to help your business grow and designed to drive results. With your marketing strategy in mind, our Adelaide social media experts will define and optimise your campaigns with clever targeting, messaging and delivery. Our managed service takes care of the rest, ensuring that every social media advertising dollar is working to make your business grow.